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W.A. Wimaladharma In 1936, upon his father’s passing, Aryadhasa Wimaladharma came to Colombo from his home town of Galle, setting out to lay the foundations of the company which today is Wimaladharma Brothers, 'The Time Keepers to the Nation'.

At the time Ceylon was under colonial rule, and the prevailing conditions made it difficult for a young school- leaver from a small rural town looking to make a start in the heart of the capital city. The first few years proved to be challenging for the young but determined entrepreneur, as Second World War broke out within a few years of opening his first sales outlet in Colombo.

His perseverance paid off as the post-war economic boom and subsequent independence from the British saw the expansion and consolidation of sales centers island wide. Import trade was the primary line of business, which involved the trading of several brands of wristwatches and wall clocks, imported mainly from Switzerland, West Germany, Great Britain and Japan.

During the 1960s, following on from a change in the Government’s policies, manufacturing trade was encouraged, and consequently Wimaladharma Brothers began its manufacturing operations, producing for the first time in the country’s history, its very own range of wall clocks. After the liberalization of the economy in the late 1970s, the group commenced work mainly in imports and wholesale trade which remains the main focus of the company to date.

Mr. W.A. Wimaladharma later devoted most of his time to religious activities and community development in Sri Lanka and abroad. In recognition of his contribution in the economic, social and religious spheres, he was awarded the honorary title of ‘Deshabandhu’ in 1991 by the Hon. D.B. Wijetunga, the then President of Sri Lanka.

The company still remains a family owned and managed business.