© Copyright Wimaladharama Brothers. All rights reserved.
© Copyright Wimaladharama Brothers. All rights reserved.

1936: Rising in the face of hardship

At 23 years of age, founder W.A Wimaladharma took it upon himself to provide for his family when his father tragically passed away at a young age. He was determine to bear the weight of the family’s loss, and travel to Colombo to start a new business. A business that would help provide for his family and send his brothers and sisters to school

1936: First Sales Outlet amidst WWII

At the time Ceylon was under colonial rule, and the prevailing conditions made it difficult for a young school- leaver from a small rural town looking to make a start in the heart of the capital city. The first few years proved to be challenging for the young but determined entrepreneur, as Second World War broke out within a few years of opening his first sales outlet in Colombo.

1946: Grand Opening - 120 Front Street

His perseverance paid off as the post-war economic boom and subsequent independence from the British saw the expansion and consolidation of sales centers island wide. Import trade was the primary line of business, which involved the trading of several brands of wristwatches and wall clocks, imported mainly from Switzerland, West Germany, Great Britain and Japan.From humble beginnings, Wimaladharma Brothers moved to 120 Front Street. 

1952: Becoming "The Time Keepers to the Nation"

Gained the distinction of having one of the best stalls exhibiting  clocks and watches at the Colombo Plan Exhibition opened  by the Hon. Dudley Senanayake, the Prime Minister of Ceylon .  The Title  “The Time Keepers  to the Nation” awarded as a mark of appreciation for construction of the clock tower.

1956: The Rise to becoming the Market Leader

At Grand Exhibition opened  by the Governor General Sir Oilver Gunatilleke, the Wimaladharma Stall won 1st prize

1956: The Rise to becoming the Market Leader

At Grand Exhibition opened  by the Governor General Sir Oilver Gunatilleke, the Wimaladharma Stall won 1st prize

1959: European Tour: Solidifying our International Expertise

Founder went on a study tour to Europe, Japan, America and other counties to gain expertise advice and explore the possibility of manufacturing clocks and watches locally in Sri Lanka. 

1961: Silver Jubilee Year

Local assembly and manufacture of wall clocks and wrist watches commenced.

In 1962, W.A Wimaladharma toured Europe and signed Agreements with German Company to manufacture Wall clocks in Ceylon  with some of the  imported Raw Materials.

In April of 1963, Wimaladharma Watch & Clock industries was established.

1964: Manufacturing Wembly Clocks

Pioneered 100% local manufacture of clocks with basic raw materials  which was declared opened by Hon. Minister of Industries  Maithiripala Senanayake.

In 1965 a second Clock Tower was erected at the site  of the Industrial Exhibition. 

1978: Diversification

Diversified into industrial products.

In 1982, 1983, 1984 Wimaladharma Brothers was represented in the Made in Lanka Exhibition.

1986: Golden Jubilee & Expansion

Following the Golden Jubilee Year in 1986, in December  of 1989 a new  Show Room was ceremonially opened at the liberty plaza complex by the Hon. State Minister of Human Resources and Manpower Mobilization Mr. Daya Wickremasinghe.

1991: New Branch Openings

In December 1989 our Liberty Plaza showroom was opened by the Hon. State Minister of Human Resources and Manpower Mobilization Mr. Daya icremasinghe.

In April 1991, a new Show Room was ceremonially opened at the Majestic City complex by the  Hon. Minister plantation Industries Mr. Rupa Karunatilleke.

1997: Philanthropy & Deshabandu Title

Founder W. A Wimaladharma was awarded the Deshabandhu title in 1997, for his contributions to the Sri Lankan society and philanthropic endeavors benefiting the nation.

These included the building of science laboratories and work spaces for schools, and contributions to the building of many Buddhist temples in Sri Lanka, the UK, Germany & the USA.

A scholarship was founded in the name of W.A Wimaladharma to a school in the Southern Province to help uplift the education of an academically strong student, which was awarded to a student every year. 


Founding Chairman W.A Wimaladharma has left a lasting legacy, not only on his brothers & sisters, but on the generations of family  that have been inspired by his determination, dedication, work-ethic & philanthropy. 


Amongst funding an annual scholarship in the name of W.A Wimaladharma, the Wimaldharma family has also been dedicated to Wildlife Conservation causes annually contributing to a number of forrest & ocean conservation charities. 


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